Jaguar Reveals XE Sculpture at London Design Museum

Jaguar revealed a unique aluminum word cloud sculpture in the shape of the forthcoming XE sports sedan at the London Design Museum today. Installed in the Design Museum’s ‘Tank’, the design piece marks the start of the global launch of the new Jaguar XE due to be unveiled in London early next week.

Jaguar design collaborated with a range of creative experts across the fields of computer aided design, graphic artwork, stage design and metal work to design a word cloud representation of the new XE consisting of 95 words using seven languages including French, German, Spanish, Italian, English, Russian and Mandarin.

“It has been an enormous amount of fun bringing a word cloud of XE and everything it means to life,” said Ian Callum, Jaguar Director of Design. “It’s hugely satisfying to be recognized by London Design Museum and to have our work become part of London Design Festival.”

The production methods are a combination of man and machine. Computer modelling was used to create the words that are molded to the dynamic form of the Jaguar XE then finished using metal craftsmanship by the team behind elements of the London Olympic Games Opening Ceremony.

“Large scale installations like this striking sculpture are always hugely popular with our visitors,” said Design Museum Head of Communications Josephine Chanter. “The Jaguar XE form is already attracting lots of attention. We’re sure that it will be a hit with the public, and it makes an eye-catching addition to our program for the London Design Festival.”

The exhibition will be on display until October 6, 2014. Visit the Design Museum website for more information.


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