Lamborghini Design Boss on the Asterion Demonstrator

Don’t call it a concept. The Lamborghini Asterion is a technological demonstrator built to showcase the potential for a future plug-in hybrid. Based on the Aventador, the Asterion was cloaked with an all-new body and adorned with details that recall not only the brand’s heritage but also point towards the future design direction of the company.

The video above features Lamborghini design director Filippo Perini presenting the exterior design of the Asterion hybrid, which he cites as a future vehicle that was influenced by Lamborghini’s iconic models from the past — namely the Miura, Marzal and Espada. All of these cars came out of the now defunct Stile Bertone studios, well before the Centro Stile was established.

Brand heritage and former coachbuilders aside, the Asterion, Perini says, is a fully working prototype whose design is thoroughly modern — in its proportions and detailing. With a higher roofline and H-point, the car aims to be more practical than other vehicles in the Lamborghini stable while with full LED headlamps inspired by watch mechanisms and forged alloy wheels evolve the hexagonal patterns that has become a recurring design theme on all Lamborghini vehicles.

UPDATE – We’ve now got three stories on the Asterion!

1. Watch our video interview with Perini where he explains the future of the brand’s design language.

2. Check out our exclusive, detailed look into the exterior design (with sketches and images of the clay models).

3. Read our deep-dive into the interior design story, complete with sketches from the design team.

Needless to say, you won’t be disappointed.


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