Revolights Will Forever Change Your Commute

Anybody who’s ever ridden a bicycle at night knows how important it is to be seen. Lighting and reflective gear is paramount in making sure you get noticed by drivers and other road users. This is arguably even more important in cities where myriad other lights can prevent motorists or pedestrians from seeing you as you cycle past. Which is why Revolights is such an awesome invention.


Revolights is a system consisting of narrow rings of clip on LED lights that attach to the wheel of your bicycle. When riding, the lights project 360 degrees around you — forwards and rearwards to increase your own visibility as well as to the side, significantly enhancing your chances of being seen by other road users. It even incorporates a ‘brake’ light, which senses when the bike is slowing down and initiates a blinking sequence.

Initially founded back in 2011, Revolights was met with such incredibly universal acclaim that the San Francisco based company developed the idea even further. The second generation Eclipse+ currently funding on Indiegogo will include bluetooth connectivity as well as integrations with the Revolights App.

revolights-turn-signalsThis enhanced functionality not only enables users to keep tabs on the number of miles they’ve travelled, their average speed and set individual achievement targets, but also notify riders of changes in weather, can be turned on remotely and can sense what time of day it is and turn themselves on or off automatically. Eclipse+ also includes turn indicators, which can be activated through a handlebar mounted control pad, through the app, or through gesture recognition with a supported smart watch.

Check out the system on their Indiegogo page and register your interest today. Your commute will never be the same.


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