UMEA University Degree Show 2013

Every summer, right around the summer solstice, the long days of the northern hemisphere provides the backdrop for the annual Umea Design Talks and end of year design degree exhibition. This year saw seven graduates present their work to designers from OEM design studios as well as the general public. Here are some highlights.

UMEA 2013: Jan Christian Osnes - Skoda Respir

Skoda Respir concept by Jan Christian Osnes
The Skoda Respir concept is an “agile two-seater GT with a new electric identity”.
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UMEA 2013: Koenigsegg Prestera by Richard Stark

Koenigsegg Prestera concept by Richard Stark
Richard Stark created his UMEA graduation thesis project, the Koenigsegg Prestera, in collaboration with Semcon.
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UMEA 2013: BMW Urban Micro Commuter by Yujim Kim

BMW Urban Micro Commuter concept by Yujim Kim
Yujim Kim’s BMW project focussed on the needs and future of next generation of personal commuting.
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UMEA 2013: Royal Enfield Pioneer by Daniel Gunnarsson

Royal Enfield Pioneer by Daniel Gunnarsson
Daniel Gunnarsson’s thesis project opens up the concept of motorcycle riding towards helping people.
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UMEA 2013: Scania Triton by Rickard Hansson

Scania Triton concept by Rickard Hansson
Rickard Hansson’s Scania Triton is a specially designed fire truck and communication hub complete with drone.
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UMEA 2013: Lotus Firefly by Alina Alexandra Ciobanu

Lotus Firefly concept by Alina Alexandra Ciobanu
The Lotus Firefly is a light vehicle focussed on extreme leisure activities. Its identity lies somewhere between high-tech development and the roughness of nature.
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BMW i-3/60° by Han Yong-Fei

BMW i-3/60° concept by Han Yong-Fei
Han Yong-Fei’s research and inspiration was focused on sustainable and futuristic ways to manufacture objects.
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