Yanfeng XiM18 interior concept

Yanfeng Interiors Showcases Innovations in XiM18 Concept

Yanfeng Automotive Interiors (YFAI), the company that brought the XiM17 Experience in Motion autonomous interior concept to the 2017 Detroit auto show, will reveal a new concept in Frankfurt. Following the same nomenclature as the previous interior concept, the XiM18 features more than 30 product and process solutions for the next generation of electric and autonomous driving cars.

Increasing connectivity and new forms of car ownership and mobility such as electric cars, autonomous driving and car sharing are rapidly changing perceptions of transportation and mobility. Considering these global megatrends in addition to non-traditional automakers who are radically changing the face of mobility, the XiM18 concept presents advancements that will enable new in-vehicle engagement possibilities.

Yanfeng XiM18 interior concept

The XiM18 demonstrates YFAI’s vision of how users will experience vehicle interiors in the future. The concept shows how interior functionality will change in various driving modes and provides a new range of flexibility to fulfill lifestyle needs and provide more personal space and quality time for users, much along the lines of the previous Experience in Motion concept. The interior’s aesthetic, feel and function aspects are seamlessly integrated.

“In the future, if the driver no longer has to drive, the car will become the next living space,” says Han Hendriks, Chief Technology Officer for YFAI. “The XiM18 exemplifies how we are redefining the way people can relax, work and play in their car today and decades from now.”

YFAI is developing functional surfaces (such as smart skin surfaces with a soft fabric feel), a floor console concept based on 3D holographic interaction, and a real glass center stack with integrated HMI technologies in a quest to redefine car2human interaction.

The company will also showcase solutions for adaptive interiors — such as instrument panels with a consumer focus, personal electronics management, slim HVAC air vents, floor console solutions and decorative trim and lighting innovations — alongside its weight reducing and efficiency technologies.


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