Achim Badstübner to Head Mercedes Exterior Design

Achim Badstübner is set to become head of exterior design at Mercedes-Benz. In his new role, Badstübner will work together with Robert Lesnik position, as he was promoted within the company following the debut of the much acclaimed Mercedes S-Class Coupe concept.

A 13-year veteran of Audi design, Badstübner has been in charge of the Munich design studio since April this year. He is credited with the recent Audi A5 and A7 as well as the A6 production designs during his time as lead exterior designer for the Ignolstadt-based brand. He also worked on 2012 Crosslane Coupe concept (pictured) and the 2011 Urban Concepts.

“He will fit in perfectly,” Daimler’s Head of Design, Gorden Wagener, told Car and Driver magazine of Badstübner’s appointment. “On principle, it is very rare that we will hire an outside person for such a central role, especially as we internally have great talents. If it wouldn’t be Achim, we would not have done it.”

Under Wagener’s direction, Badstübner will be tasked with developing Mercedes’ ‘sensual clarity’ design language, which made its first appearance on the new A-Class. It has since been applied to the CLA as well as the new S-Class.

Badstübner will work closely with Daimler AG’s head of interior design, Hartmut Sinkwitz, when he starts his new role in January 2014.


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