American Dreaming Creators Open Car Style Detroit Exhibition

The American Dreaming documentary currently in the works is one of the films we’re really looking forward to watching. But until we get to see the final product — chock full of interviews with the designers themselves — we’re happy to whet our appetites for the forthcoming film at events like last year’s American Dreaming exhibition at Lawrence Technological University.

Robert Edwards and co-producer Greg Salustro, the documentary’s creators, are now offering automotive enthusiasts a chance to catch a larger showing of the amazing works of art at another exhibit entitled Car Style Detroit, which is at the famous Scarab Club, the oldest art gallery in the Motor City.

Car Style Detroit, which opened on January 8th, just a few days before the Detroit auto show press days, showcases the groundbreaking talent of the artists who shaped Detroit’s automobiles in the 20th Century through a large number of design sketches ‘stolen’ out of the carmakers’ studios once the programs were finished — saving them from the shredder in the process. They depict a time in post-war America when Detroit dreamed big. And, just as a successful design should, the work speaks for itself.

The exhibition features works spanning six decades — from 1946 through 2000 — including Syd Mead; GM designer and former CCS professor Bill Porter; GM designer Roger Hughet; AMC designer Vince Geraci; Ford designer Bud Magaldi; Ford designer Buck Mook; GM designer David MacIntosh; Ford designer David Griffiths; GM designer George Camp; GM designer Steven Brown; Ford designer Charles Balogh; Kaiser-Frazer, Packard, Briggs, and Chrysler designer Bill Robinson; and Ford, Chrysler, Packard, and Hudson designer Rodell Smith.

Some of the artists are also scheduled to be present at the upcoming Gallery Talk, which will take place from 6 to 9pm on January 21. The exhibition will be on display at the Scarab Club through February 13th.

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