Ferrari SP38 One-Off

Ferrari SP38: Maranello Reveals Latest One-Off Commission

While volume carmakers General Motors and Volkswagen are developing autonomous shared vehicles for the masses low volume superluxury and supercar manufacturers are upping the personalization stakes, creating one-off ‘coachbuilt’ projects for their discerning clientele. The Ferrari SP38 is the latest such product to join the exclusive club.

Unveiled at Italy’s Fiorano racetrack today, the bespoke SP38 supercar is a product of Ferrari’s One-Off personalization program. Designed under the direction of Flavio Manzoni at Ferrari’s Design Center in Maranello, the SP38 is based on the 488 GTB chassis and running gear, but it was built to specifically reflect the vision of a client with a deep passion for racing.

Ferrari SP38 One-Off

The mechanicals — the twin-turbo, twin-intercooler set-up of the 488 GTB — apparently inspired the team to reference the iconic F40 and determine the project’s general direction. This is particularly visible in the engine cover shutline, which cascades over the rear haunch.

From a subjective standpoint, there is quite a bit of Bertone’s Lancia Stratos in the DLO and the front end is reminiscent of the Lamborghini Asterion‘s DRG. But while the Ferrari SP38 might call to mind these elements, it stands very much on its own.

Ferrari SP38 One-Off

From the front, specific inset headlights — somewhat reminiscent of the limited-edition Japan-only J50‘s — were designed to be as thin as possible. The mandatory DRL units have been relocated to add character and functionality while simultaneously referencing the 308 GTB’s slim bumper lip. As you’d expect from Ferrari, the colorway split between the visible carbon fiber elements and the three-layer metallic red paint is very well resolved.

Ferrari SP38 One-Off

Compared to the 488 GTB, the SP38’s visual mass is concentrated over the rear wheels as the wedge design stretches towards the front. The bodyside has been made visually lighter through a two-tone color treatment, with a carbon fiber side skirt tapering in from the front wheel arch before jutting out over the rear.

The 488 GTB’s defining air scoop is has been concealed just ahead of the door shutline and disappears into the quarter light. The main body volume rises into the B-pillar and flows over the flip-up, carbon fiber body-colored engine cover and accentuates the rear haunch to dramatic effect.

Ferrari SP38 One-Off

As a reference to the F40, the SP38’s rear spoiler grows out of the rear haunch, passing over the inset rear lamps and main volume. The layered, sculptural forms around the functional air outlets, high mounted dual central exhaust tips and carbon fiber rear diffuser is resolutely modern — the trailing edge of the spoiler links with the rear quarter to create a suggestive frame surrounding the rear volume.

Ferrari says the cabin of the SP38 has also been given Ferrari’s Tailor Made treatment, though photos aren’t readily available. Visitors to the 2018 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este (in Cernobbio, Italy, on Saturday May 26) will be able to get a look for themselves.

Ferrari SP38 One-Off

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