Hyundai Shows ‘Fluidic Sculpture in Motion’ in Milan

Hyundai showed an interactive light installation the company calls “Fluidic Sculpture in Motion” at the 2013 Milan Furniture Fair’s Temporary Museum for New Design.

Created in-house by the Korean automaker’s advanced design team, the installation embodies Hyundai’s Fluidic Sculpture design philosophy, which has been influenced by the language of nature: always moving, flowing and adapting to its environment.

To that end, various different colored lights are projected via laser beams onto suspended spheres, which are similar to ping-pong balls but larger in size. The installation is also punctuated by interactivity, with sensors that react to a person’s dynamic movement and project lighting onto the spheres accordingly.

“The meaning was to translate Hyundai’s design philosophy into form that customers can experience, “ says Yoomee Kim, Design Manager at Hyundai’s Advanced Design Studio. “Experience is the easiest form of understanding.”

Fluidic Sculpture in Motion was designed to outline the company’s design aesthetic through the exploration of a new concept and direction.

“Design in the car industry is of the most importance,” says Hyundai’s Chief Design Officer Peter Schreyer. ”With design we can visualize the character of a brand.”

Schreyer says the sculpture looks “outside the box” to showcase the company’s design philosophy. “Cars are moving objects. This is a new interpretation of how we can make a moving object with pixels and laser beams.”

“Personally I’ve always dreamed about participating here,” Schreyer says of Hyundai’s presence at the Milan Furniture Fair. “It’s a great way for us designers to be creative and show how we work and what we can do.”

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