Stuart Norris Promoted to Managing Director GM Korea Design

General Motors has promoted Stuart Norris to the role of Managing Director of the GM Korea Design Center. He will start his new role on July 1, 2015.

Norris is currently director of GM Korea Advanced Design, where he’s been leading a team responsible for exploring future vehicles and technology for GM’s portfolio of global brands since 2012.

Norris has been with GM for just over a decade, having joined the global carmaker in 2004. His first role was to oversee interior design for medium-sized trucks and Hummer. The Hummer HX concept car unveiled at the 2008 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit was the first project created under his leadership, a collaborative effort that brought in students from Detroit area schools to participate in the project.

Stuart Norris worked on the first generation Chevrolet Volt

Since 2007, Norris has worked on various interior design programs at GM, including the first generation Chevrolet Volt electric car, Cadillac CUE HMI system, and on interior design and interface programs for GM’s Buick, GMC and Opel brands. He was appointed design director of GM Korea Advanced Design in August 2012.

As Director of Advanced and Architecture Design for the GM Korea studio, Norris was responsible for overseeing interior and exterior design vision work for next generation product, focusing on customer requirements and brand vision to propose new vehicle entries in scale, full-size and animations. He also assumed responsibility for developing visions for GM’s next-generation electric vehicles.

A graduate of the Coventry University automotive design program, Norris spent nearly a decade working on exterior, interior and advanced design programs at Jaguar prior to joining GM.


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