Toyota’s Fuel Cell Sedan Angles On Paris

Toyota is poised to show the production version of the Fuel Cell Sedan at the forthcoming Paris motor show. The three box sedan is a bold statement from the company that has only recently discovered the need to create more design-oriented products in its lineup.

Unlike the company’s previous practice of designing vehicles to appeal to everyone, Toyota has recently been pushing a more individual design aesthetic, which is beginning to take shape.

Toyota FCV concept sketch (2013)

Creating a new brand identity from scratch means going out in a few different directions, testing the waters for what will resound with the buying public. In the company’s quest to define this, the bold design direction makes for an immediately identifiable product. But while making an impact, it’s also dividing opinion in many circles.

Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) concept (2013)

To that end, the first European appearance of the finalized exterior design of Toyota’s Fuel Cell Sedan — due to be launched in Europe next year — is expected to continue down the love-it-or-hate-it path.

Called the FCX when unveiled in concept form, the car took angular surfacing to the extreme and didn’t universally appeal. The car designers we’ve spoken to had less than pleasant words to express how they felt about the car, many of which we can’t print here (We’re a family establishment — Ed.).

While we remain skeptical, we can’t wait to see it in the metal and make our own conclusions.


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