Camilo Pardo on Cars, Fashion and Art (Part 2)

But even while working on such a career changing project, Camilo continued to explore other avenues of art and design, painting as well as creating his own fashion line at the end of the workday. He’s a multi-faceted artist with incomparable creative energy.

This creativity is evident in his large, brightly colored oil paintings on canvas, which includes many works of automotive fine art. The same quality of creativity reaches a line of fashion design, which he describes as “advanced fashion concepts” and include pieces that have been created for auto shows and fashion runways.

Camilo’s industrial design reaches into sculptural furniture design, that has made the rounds from main art galleries in Detroit, Italy, Japan, and the Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York. With the integration of design principles and the abstractions of fine art, Camilo explores alternative design solutions.

The impressive artwork and paintings that adorn his studio space in Detroit can also be found the homes and offices of many admirers, including Ford. Two of his GT paintings are on the walls of the company’s headquarters in Dearborn, while another — of a 1961 Lincoln Continental — graces the offices of Ford’s Ingenie studio in London, UK.

All of this work is created in Camilo’s Detroit and Los Angeles studios. His Woodward Avenue studio has been a popular venue for more than a few of Detroit’s openings and receptions and played host to his annual Designer’s Night party, an internationally recognized event that’s been a mainstay of the NAIAS for the last 15 years.

As a dedicated artist who sets no limits on his creative endeavors, Camilo has found that his outside artistic expressions further strengthen and complement his passion for automotive design.

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