Beneteau Sea Drive concept by Peugeot Design Lab
Beneteau Sea Drive concept by Peugeot Design Lab

Peugeot Design Lab Opens New Satellite Design Studio in Brazil

The Peugeot Design Lab is opening a new satellite design studio in São Paulo, Brazil, expanding its design presence across the globe. The new design studio is the third satellite studio created by Peugeot with two others based in San Francisco and Shanghai and will cater to clients outside the automotive sector.

The expansion plan is similar to that envisaged by Nissan Design Latin America, which we reported last year. Peugeot’s goal is to expand further into industrial design areas with the new studio base in Brazil, harnessing the company’s more than 210 years of industrial heritage and 131 years of automotive design experience to develop new products that are aesthetically and functionally appealing.

Pleyel Piano by Peugeot Design Lab

The technical and human resources of the Peugeot Design Center, where the Peugeot Design Lab is located, provide it with a unique ability in this field.

“All the imagination and creativity of the designers, combined with the extreme precision that the development of a car requires, will be applied to the development of products and services for Peugeot Design Lab’s external clients around the world,” said Peugeot Design Director Matthias Hossann.

It is this philosophy that enables the Peugeot Design Lab team in São Paulo to integrate and support the regional demands for the development of non-automotive products and to work in collaboration with the main design studio in Paris, and the two satellite studios Shanghai, and San Francisco.

“We have to go even further, to deliver at the same time a global experience in harmony with the wishes and aspirations that the customer himself is often unable to detect, “says Fabien Darche, PSA Group Design Director in Latin America.

Atilla Boczi with a scale model of the Airbus H160 Helicopter | Peugeot Design Lab studio

“We are going to consolidate Peugeot Design Lab in Brazil not only by fostering the know-how, experience and excellence of Peugeot design from the automotive field but above all by offering customers the opportunity to detect the refinement and elegance synonymous with Peugeot design in other products and services.”

In an increasingly competitive world, the Peugeot Design Lab studio defines a unique and strong brand identity for its clients, which is essential for the identification, success and sustainability of the brand. The Peugeot Design Lab will therefore be active in fields as varied as Brand Image, Creation, Development, Industrialisation and Communication.

Global Brand design is the very foundation of the Peugeot Design Lab. It is this knowledge of everything that, directly or indirectly, constitutes a brand in the eyes of its clients – a brand must not only offer products but also build a coherent brand experience. In an increasingly globalized and competitive world, the Peugeot Design Lab studio defines a unique and strong brand identity for its clients, which is essential for the identification, success and sustainability of the brand.

Peugeot Design Lab created the brand identity for Pecqueur Conceptuals

“Our main mission as a Brand is to anticipate the desires and needs of our clients in terms of quality, safety and content and to funnel all this into a surprising, innovative and attractive project,” highlights Peugeot Brand Director Jean-Philippe Imparato.

The creation of new products can sometimes give rise to co-investment between Peugeot Design Lab and the partner brand. Depending on the commitment, this collaboration can vary from partnership to co-branding. Peugeot has also displayed a deep social commitment throughout its history. Peugeot Design Lab will continue this tradition by opening its doors to non-profit projects.

Since its launch in 2012, the Peugeot Design Lab has worked with a number of manufacturers, including Pleyel, Airbus Aviation and Bénéteau. The division has created projects ranging from interior lamp designs to surfboards, lounge chairs, 3D printed sculptures, and a concept jet.


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